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What happen to our 2 and half year old son?

Ryan was sick for prolong period of time when he was 5 months old. We brought him to a TCM doctor which helped him alot in his condition. We did not, however, pay any serious attention to his teeth after each dose of medication. Thus, PERHAPS the medication is acidic in nature and erode his teeth. The fact that that he started on bottle feed of sweeten milk in the night and that his bones were soft in nature, all brought about the decay of his teeth.

We brought him to a kiddy dentist who referred us to a specialist as his condition then was quite serious.

By the time, a paediatric dentist, Dr Ja Intrasoot, saw him early June 2011, she said that he would have to undergo GA for 2 teeth extraction, 6 crownings! All these for a 2 and half year old boy.

We were really tramatised by the event as we waited 2 hours outside the surgery room. What if something goes wrong etc etc. But Dr Ja was very reassuring prior to the surgery and it all went well.

Ryan teeth was infected and it was a right decision to go ahead with the surgery even though he was so young. He is eating better now.


Things that we have learnt:

Dental health for your kids is extremely important. We hope that the following information based on our personal experience will help parents in similar situation. We personally learnt it the hard way.

  • There are only 13 paediatric dentists in Singapore and very little knowledge is shared on baby dental with parents-to-be.
  • Nowadays, children are more prone to dental problems because of the following:
    • Less babies are breastfed. Breastmilk contain natural enzymes which prevent tooth decay. Breastfeeding also strengthen jaw and gum muscles which bottle-fed babies cannot achieve. Strong mouth muscles is not only important to aid in the baby having strong teeth, also help in speech development.
    • Sugar is also introduced to toddlers earlier these days. This increases the chances of tooth decay.
    • Other acidic food are introduced to baby earlier can also erode the teeth before they grows out.


Can we ignore the tooth decay and let the teeth drop naturally?
No. Because this will erode the real teeth growth. Early loss of milk teeth may also result in misalignment of adult and other teeth growth.


What happened if the baby teeth is badly decayed?
If it is not serious, the dentist can do simple fillings. If the decay is bad, root canal and crowning is necessary and it is not cheap as GA is needed.

If decay is beyond repair, then tooth extraction is necessary to prevent other teeth from being infected. GA is also necessary.

For child beyond two years, it is necessary to introduce solid foods as chewing will help to strengthen gum muscles.

Preventation is better than cure. See a paediatric dentist twice yearly.

Poor dental health may also affect the immune system.
Picture Credit: Donnie Ray Jones

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